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Trends in the food and beverage industry build on most growth areas and base on innovation. Alternative food products continue to grow beyond beef products that imitate fish, chicken or pork, and plant-based burgers.

Companies continue to experiment with different ingredients apart from pea proteins such as chickpeas and mushrooms. Alternative dairy products continue to evolve in nutrition, texture, and ingredients. 

Technology and collaborations also drive the development of functional foods enriched with probiotics, fiber and other beneficial ingredients. Cannabis also continue to infiltrate the food and beverage industry, with concerned companies marketing its appeal to potential consumers.


For Heavy Drinkers

Heavy drinkers should cut back on the amount of alcohol they drink. Whether you’ve experienced negative health effects of drinking alcohol or not, it’s healthy to reduce your alcohol-intake.

Drinking alcohol beyond the recommended guidelines increases your risk of developing health issues related to alcohol. Moderate your consumption of alcohol or cut it back completely to improve your health in the following ways.

In this page, you’ll find tips to help you move from being a heavy to a light drinker.

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