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If you’re curious about the best pairing for your favorite drink with food, you’re in the right page. Beer, wines and cocktails have made their way onto the menu over the years. Drinks have become more than just an afterthought, but an integral part of menus.

Our beer gin section covers menus for beer wine, cocktails and food. Here’re a few pairings to consider for your next meal.


with Buffalo wings

Burgers, Mexican food, nutty food, Asian food, steaks, spicy food, Cheddar, fried food, Romano cheeses, pizza, or Parmesan.

Fruit Beer

with light white meat

Pickled dishes such as tart lambics, Mascarpone cheese, pork and duck dishes with sweet toppings, spices and herbs driven foods, fruity desserts, and salads with fruity dressings.

Stout Beer

with smoked foods

Roasted foods, desserts, salty foods, grilled/barbecued foods, braised dishes, oysters, chocolate, and rich stews.

Wheat Beer

with sushi

Sweet and fruity Asian dishes, salads and light soups, citrus-flavored dishes, vegetarian dishes, salad dressings and dessert, goat/Feta and Gruyere cheeses.

Lager Beer

with light seafood

Shellfish, grilled chicken and pork, sushi, Mexican food, Southeast Asian food, light pasta dishes without meat sauces and cream, spicy food, and Latin food.

Porter Beer

with barbecue

Smoked foods, meats, sausage, chili, rich stews, braised dishes, and bacon.

Why Our List is the Best

Our list is the best because it’s prepared by highly skilled and experienced chefs and food artisans. Our team has been in the food and beverage industry for decades. We also review only healthy foods that make up balanced diets. The information we share with you come from authoritative sources.