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We review all kinds of foods and drinks such as beer, wines, and cocktails to help you make an informed choice.


The health benefits of a healthy diet include protecting your heart, developing strong bones, improving your mood and preventing life-threatening diseases. 

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At Brian Boru Portland, we review all kinds of foods and drinks such as beer, wines and cocktails to help you make an informed choice. 


Brian Boru Portland is an informational site that reviews all kinds of foods, wines, cocktails and beers, including menus. We’ve been in the industry for over a decade, sharing our love food and drinks.


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Under this page, we review different beer, wine and cocktail producers worldwide. We believe that our top reviews can help you make an informed decision, especially when looking for something different to try. Check out our reviews and leave your comments to get conversations started. 


This brand produces a range of beers with bold and subtle flavors for the different drinkers out there. Maximus beer is one of the most popular beer under the Lagunitas umbrella. 

West Kill Brewing

Located in New York, West Kill Brewing produces various high quality beers and retails them at reasonable prices. The brewery is personalized to produce distinct beers for its consumers.

The company runs orchards and hives from where it sources its honey and cherries for beer production. It also sources yeast from the Spruceton Valley and creeping thyme from its vast fields, making all its ingredients fresh and locally-produced.

Samuel Adams

The company is popular for its super-strong beer with a distinct edge. 

Its “Utopia” is one of the most costly and strongest beers in the market. The drink contains 28% ABV, making it one of America’s strongest Ales. 

Utopia is brewed in small batches before blending it with other ingredients. It’s aged for about 16 years for its buttery smooth texture and spiced flavor notes of peach and pear. 

Foam Brewers

Founded in 2016, Foam Brewers integrates art, science, brewing, culture, and music to produce unique and innovative beers. The company is committed to producing beers like no other every time it goes into production. 

Available in a large bottle, its Deep City beer is a pale ale sold as a growler in one-liter capacities. The beer is popular for its fruity aroma and muddle-burnt orange tone. It has a taste of lime and orange combined with passion fruit and pine for its light to medium flavors. The beer contains 5% ABV.